Monday, December 14, 2009

Eating sushi in Japan

Look what made me stand in some bush with my butt in the air at the school parking lot earlier today

And it's in the middle of December!

Boring, right?


When I was a kid I'd eat pretty much anything. My mom served it, I'd eat it. Fried bugs, durian, fermented shrimp paste, chicken feet. I'd eat it all.

As far as I can remember, I've never said "eww.." to food

.. until I came to Japan.

I've come to terms with the fact that I don't find Japanese food particulary appealing. It's bland, greasy, chewy and slimey - and most of the time pretty grose.

But I still eat it.

Before I came to Japan I was so excited about the thought of getting to taste real, authentic Japanese cuisine. And the past four months that I've been living here, I think I can say that I've tried my fair share of the food that the locals seem to be enjoying.

I feel almost embarassed - and uncultivated - to be saying that I miss the sushi back home in Norway (..!). Here it's not appealing at all.

Today Cat, Ingrid, Lotte, Heidi and I went to Sushiroo, a fun sushi joint where the price is pretty reasonable.

We would sit at our table by the moving thingy and grab the small passing by plates that would tickle our fancy. The cost was 105 Yen (ca. 7 NOK) per plate, so the plates would pile up pretty quickly.


Heidi & Lotte

A yittle gaw

Lotte was attacked by a sneaky piece of wasabi,
and feeling like a horse had just kicked her in the nose,
she had to cry a little

Yum 1: Raw scallops

Yum 2: Scampi with avocado, raw onion and mayo

Yum 3: Ehr..

Glazed sweet potato.
Wa-hey too sweet.
Luckily Heidi came to my rescue
and ate it

Grose 1: What is that? Brain mass?

Grose 2: What is that? Eel?

GROSE 3: Raw squid. Slimey and chewy. What's the point?

Hmm.. What's that?

Looks a little intimidating

It doesn't even want to be held by my pair of hashi

Down it goes

It was just scallops. Cooked, even. Not bad.

Today's fancy dinner: 1600 Yen (ca. 100 NOK).


DiscoStu said...

I am quite sure I went to that sushi restaurant when I stayed in Chiba :)
The anchovi sushi is what made me almost throw up!

Jama said...

This is my favourite sushi place in Tokyo but then I never eat in those moving train set type places anyway. Agree about the squid though, can never come to terms with that. Best. jack.

Kine Merete said...

Heyy, I'm a poor student, alright. I aint got money for no high-so sushi