Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Christmassy stuff provided by IKEA and care packages from home

Friday afternoon we gathered at Wictoria's crib for some seriously wholesome activities (sounds dodgy, ey?)

We'd bought a ginger bread house puzzle that we wanted to put together while drinking mulled wine (without the wine, so I guess we just had "mulled" then, hardy har..) and listening to Christmas carols on trusty ol' youtube.

Wictoria and the ginger bread puzzle from IKEA

Struggling to get it out?

Benedicte in despair
over the pieces of broken ginger bread
caused by the somewhat violent treatment it got
on the bike ride home from the train station

An almond "in the soaking", waiting to be peeled and shoved into a bowl of risengrynsgrøt

Please notice Benedicte's elegant pink rubber gloves

Mulled wine essential

Hello, frosting!

Merii kurisumasu!

Hello, sugar rush and cheesy smile
Imma be the new Jane Fonda. Just slightly more manish.
Can you feel the burn?
I look scary

Benedicte, drawing
All of my friends are so creative!
I consider myself to be guilty (honored) by association

Normally you're supposed to keep the ginger bread house for a while and let it collect dust. But neither of us wanted to keep it, so...

Wictoria showing off her mad Karate (TaeKwon-Do?) skills

Yeah, act all innocent

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