Sunday, December 20, 2009

Harajuku Backstreets

Argh. Being a total dimwit I realized waaay too late that I'd been taking pictures all day with the ISO on way too high.

So most of the pictures' quality is s h i t e.



Early Sunday morning Benedicte, Wictoria and I went to Harajuku, where we met up with Yoshi.

We went to look at a shrine nearby and pretend like we're sophisticated, young Norwegians. There I managed to hunt down a big group of Thai tourists and scare them by wishing them "welcome!" and enthusiastically exclaim "next station; Asoke, interchange station with MRT". But in a much more long, complicated and polite way. In Thai, of course.

Oh, I miss living in Bangkok and taking the skytrain every day to school.

It certainly made them turn their heads. And then there was a third degree questioning and everyone wanted a picture taken with me. I'm so cool. *Sigh*


Wictoria "cleansing" herself with ice cold water.
I decided I didn't need any cleansing today.

Here comes the bride!

Here's where I finally realized my ISO-crisis. *Insert: a lot of swearing*

Theeen, we strolled around in Harajuku.


An efficent way to prevent your bike from getting stolen?

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