Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going home for Christmas...

.. yeah right.

Today we were really rebellious. Instead of going home after school we went to.. Funabashi!

Wictoria, Benedicte, Kuniyoshi and I went to Funabashi to see Twilight, and I think we all (well, maybe not Kuniyoshi) were salvating throughout the entire movie. Tsk, tsk.

I'm paparazziing Katinka, don't tell her

Cat wears some serious bling

Kosuka sensee

On the train station at school we ran into one of our teachers, Kosuka sensee. Poor lady turned so shy when I shoved the camera in her face.

So I had to be quick.


Hello, Christmas spirit!.. (?)

Royal Milk Tea and Strawberry flavoured Kit Kat!
Collecting Kit Kat has turned into my new hobby.
I've also tasted Miso-soup flavoured Kit Kat once, it was pretty good


Then, people, after the movies we walked to IKEA! It was like being back home in Norway.

Even though IKEA is Swedish.


My bedroom.
Of course I keep all the price tags on - don't you?

No, no, no.
What is Wictoria doing in my bedroom

Benedicte's crib.
She doesn't even take her shoes off when she's inside her house

Swedish meatballs!
Haha, I was not at all prepared for the mulled wine to be SO spiked!
Getting drunk at IKEA, only in Japan

Wictoria's new hat.
It's very practical

Today's catch!
(Jada, mamma, jeg vet at det ikke er lørdag i dag)


Katinka said...

Heeeeeey! Snik! XD

siriporn said...

Jeg har lagt på meg for jeg spis hele tiden i Thailand...