Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Final Project: The Much Dreaded Presentation

Yes, he is holding a big and sparkly pink bow
That's what he secretly wants to be wearing

I love Watanabe sensee.

I must terrify him all the time. Today I kept saying that it was "too bad that he was already married" and "please get a divorce". He usually ignores me, but sometimes he can't help but laugh.

Poor guy.


For this past month we've been working on this final project. Before christmas we formed groups and decided on our topic.

This whole deal reminds me of the final weeks at the end of every school year in junior high, when we've been through all of the curriculum and the teachers don't know what to do with us.

Wictoria, Benedicte and I quickly formed a group and decided to talk about our hobbies. Wictoria wanted to talk about her art, Benedicte about her love for theather costumes and I about photography. We made a fabulous power point presentation and had the whole presentation done and ready after a couple of days. In Japanese, of course.

Ever since I feel like we've been punished for being efficient.

We've spent so many classes the past few weeks "rehearsing" and getting our speeches corrected for the third time, even though it really isn't neccesary. It has seemed like the teachers depend on us to work slow. I'm just so frustrated! It was a dead easy project were we could choose the topic ourselves, yet they baby fed us everything, treating us like imbeciles.

The level at the university in Japan suck ass.

Can't wait to go home and back to a university where the students actually are expected to think for themselves.

Luckily, today we finally got to give the presentation. But it was a bit cruel to many of us who suffer from stage fright. I don't see the point in making us give the presentation in front of all the foreign students and be videotaped at the same time.

Tsk, tsk.

Wictoria combing her bangs like this
- the entire lunch break, lol

How are we feeling girls?

Luckily, we were first up. It felt good getting it over and done with quickly. After that we had to sit for two hours listening to other speeches and presentations.

Wictoria thought it was so awesome...


When we first had the chance we ran out outta there.

And I have to mention that I think I must have lost 10 pounds on the bike ride home from school today. The wind was so strong and ice cold all the way home, it felt like the road was three times longer than it really is. Puh!

Who needs a car in Japan?
Just put the little one in the front
the other in the back holding your purse
and the groceries in the basket.



Anonymous said...

Må bare si at dette er en utrolig bra blogg! Jeg syns du skriver skikkelig bra og interessant - og så på engelsk, da! Skulle tro det var morsmålet ditt, så bra som du skriver det. :) Nydelige bilder tar du óg. Så eh, ja... Det var alt jeg ville si. Nå har du fått en ny leser, altså. 8)

siriporn said...

Im agree.