Monday, January 25, 2010

Final Weekend; Tokyo Love Hotel

Benedicte making her bed

This weekend was the final one in "Japan: Round 1".

Since we don't have any more classes there was no way we would spend our final weekend in Japan moping around in little ol' Togane.

So Benedicte and I packed our stuff and "moved" to Tokyo for the weekend.

Tokyo is only an hour away from Togane by bus, but the cost is actually the same whether you choose to stay overnight at a hostel, or go back and forth.

So we booked three nights at Sakura Hostel in Asakusa, and paid only a little more than 7000 yen (450 kr) each.

My bunk

So, after we settled in at the hostel on Friday we split up and I went to Akihabara to buy a new lense for the camera.

Not much to tell really.

In the evening I went bar hopping in Shibuya with Wictoria and her friend Li. Fun!

Hung over?

On Saturday we got up early and went to Odaiba, a big artificial island in Tokyo bay, which I've been wanting to check out.

Nope! Just feeling a little caged

Common room at the hostel

We went hunting for breakfast.

Benedicte in hunting mood

We ended up at a Chinese restaurant (hey.. when in doubt..).

A few pictures from the 15 minute walk from our hostel in Asakusa to the subway station:

Chocolate covered bananas

Candy fruit chillin' in ice

Hi there, mr. grumpy pants

At the skytrain station
heading for Odaiba


.. you betcha!

I've been lying to you
I've been in NY the whole time
There's just a hell of a lot
Asian people

On our way back to the hostel

The sophisticated love shack
next door

In Japan there's so called love hotels everywhere. This is where you take your girlfriend when you still live at home. Here you can stay overnight, or only stop by for "a rest".

Let's go and rest!


Marielle said...

Det der er det beste pariserhjulbildet jeg har sett noen gang. Win.

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