Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Day at School


Today was our last day at Josai International University.

I grabbed my grade sheet and ran outta there as fast as I could.

But I'm a bit angry.

Well, not angry, just maybe not my normal cheery self.

This past semester we've been taking four different classes at this school.

There's been tests, quizes, homework, essays, finals - and I've done 'em all, aced 'em all and been to every single class (even on Christmas morning!).

Now it seems like we're leaving with only a grade from one of the classes - the Japanese Intermediate class, and that maybe the grades from the other classes will be sent to our university in Oslo after we've left Japan - seemingly if they can be bothered to do it.

But I'm not surprised. Nothing surprises me when it comes to Josai anymore.

Hopefully my teacher in Oslo will know better than putting me in front of the first year students to tell them about how the semester in Japan has been.

Because I have nothing good to say about Josai.

Except that they offer a serious test of stemina and patience. And that if it doesn't kill you, it might make you stronger.

Like in my case.

I ran so fast poor Wictoria
behind the camera
couldn't even get
a clear shot
of me

Then I had to do a funky dance
while making a scary face.
At the train station

I have to mention that it was really warm outside today (up to 19 degrees celcius), and my winter coat was too warm, so I took it off. When I was at the train station I walked past this lady who gave me a look of disapproval and muttered samui ("cold"). Now how's that for contradiction!

Meanwhile Japanese girls are walking around with barely any clothes to cover their small butts. That's completely normal!

In the evening we went to a fancy Korean restaurant and had an awesome dinner.

Yummy dried seaweed


Benedicte looks a little hungry
Who can blame her
It was delicious

The other day someone bought a chocolate (!) flavoured soda and it tasted like the Lip Smackers chapstick I had as a kid. It was pretty grose. So I had to buy a new one and take a photo of it.


Dag said...

Gratz Kine! Looking forward to seeing you back home!

siriporn said...

Krympe du...?

Anonymous said...

reality check.... Tror nok ikke gamle damer bryr seg så mye om hvordan du kler deg som du tror.