Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goodbye, Japan

Yep, this is my last day in Japan.

The entire day I've been throwing all of the stuff in my apartment that has kept me alive these past five months. Now I don't even have a fork. I've ran to the post office and sent a 8.5 kilo box with mostly books, said goodbye to my Japanese cell phone and spent a lot of time procrastinating, not wanting to weigh my suitcase on Wictoria's bath scale. I think it's a kilo or two too heavy, so I'm a tad nervous.

Yesterday I went to Sushiroo with Miku and gave her my bicycle and a bunch of other stuff. It was so sad leaving my trusty ol' bicycle - it didn't even throw me off once during our short, but happy, relationship.

Tomorrow morning at 7.30, Kobayashi san, the guy in charge of the international students' "welfare", is coming to drive me to Narita airport. My flight is at 10.20 and I'll be in Norway around 6 p.m the same day, thanks to the different time zones.

Looking forward to be seeing my momma again! But not so much to the temperature (minus 2 degrees celcius last time I checked) and all the snow.

I'm staying at my momma's house one night before gathering all my junk and moving into my new crib in Oslo.

I have my first class on Wednesday next week, and there's a lot to read. Longing to get to the study hall!

This evening we gathered at Wictoria's for an informal "Farewell Japan"-fondue party:

*Sigh* I need to clean my apartment.


Goodbye, Japan!

I have every intention of coming back in September, and then I'll be staying a whole year.

And I'll see you on the other side.. of the world!


Anonymous said...

THe picture of me didn't turn out that bad actually :D Yay
nice piccies

Hoshifune said...

Det er spådd nedi minus 20 igjen i nærmeste fremtid, så gled deg :(
Meanwhile, tør jeg gjette på at det ikke er Josai du har trengt å prøve deg på for ett-årsoppholdet? :P