Thursday, October 1, 2009

自己紹介-hell (jikoshoukai - self-introduction)

Yep, yep. Same hardship, another country. The classes have fully kicked in, and I've almost survived a whole week with classes running as they are supposed to. I've managed to hijack a computer at the library on campus, though it was a hassle getting a temporary username and password. Why does everything have to be so difficult in this country? Bah, this language barrier thing tends to suck. It makes me feel (no - I am) incapacitated.

I've been here three weeks, and we're supposed to be getting internet at home, but.. the school is pointing their finger at the internet company, and the internet company is pointing their finger at the school. Of course, we're not let to fix anything for ourselves and there's never any information given - leaving me feeling incapacitated, which is the word of the day, correction, this stay. The beloved guy who's in charge of the exchange students welfare is ironically enough in a foul mood whenever we confront him about it, or anything in general for that matter.

Anyway, I think I'm extra beat today, because we ended the day with a class thaught by mr. I-have-ADD-but-I-am-in-denial-and-refuse-to-take-my-Ritalin-sensei. He's constantly high and low, making jokes and trying to be the cool teacher. Bah, it's tiring.

I sneek a peek at my fellow classmate, Lotte's, workbook, and the well chewed-on pencil and scribbles witness the frustrations of a hard-working Japanese student

Hey, I want nails with small pieces of kiwi too!

Japanese people seemingly love jikoshoukai, self-introduction. I suspect it's just an excuse to fill an auditorium with a hundred Japanese people, and then push a bunch of trembling exchange students on stage, hand them a microphone and make them sell themselves to potential speaking partners. In Japanese of course. Oh, yah. We had a swell time.

My visitor yesterday

Sometimes I wish I was an autistic savant that could read the Japanese dictionaries and grammar encyclopedias once, and then be able to remember and use it all. Then all of this would be over and done with, haha.
No, I still truly enjoy studying Japanese - or, languages in general, and I'm looking forward to spend my third year also, in Japan. Really.

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DiscoStu said...

Fun times Kine. I love Japan and spent a few weeks near Tokyo. Keep your chin up!