Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chopping it off

Look at those big brown eyes
Boy, did I not know what the day had in store

Today I took farewell with..

my hair.

I was asked to be a hair model. Being an attention whore, and all, I gladly accepted.

Besides, I got the chance to do what I like best: document a small portion of it behind the camera.

Hey, I could shave my head and still look hot

The brand of which we were modeling their new
hair style collection of the season

Nice rack
Ehehe.. eh

AND there was a bunch of pretty girls there too, yay!

OMG, I'm scared



They're giving me this look??

And they're chopping it off on stage with a knife in front of a crowd of hair stylists - so I won't even have the chance to see what's going on until it's done?


If you think I look like a ladyboy -
You should have seen me with the makeup
Hot, hot, hot

behind stage

I swear to God
This is the only time you will see me
in lepard print tights
and a skimpy black velour dress
with humongous shoulder pads

Besides, they almost made me wear
a bikini top in metallic gold

Since we were being kept locked up back stage, I couldn't take any photos of the actual show.

Instead I had to settle with photographing a few of my partners in crime.

And the result of my hair cut?




Marion said...

Hah - driiiitbra :D

Legg nå ut flere bilder :P Jeg vet at du pepra mer... ;)

siriporn said...

God What happen to your hair

AneKat said...

Så kul du ble på håret! ^^ Veldig "mirrors edge" :D

Amaia Jenin said...

Who is this girl?? Hooked me up with her? :P Haha.. Nice Kine. >_^