Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oslo Gay Pride 2010

Oslo Gay Pride is being held the same weekend as Desucon this year.

So after a long day of taking pictures of people who actually give a rat's ass about anime, manga and all that jazz, Petter came over to grab a few beers, before we were going out to celebrate gay pride.

Petter took nice pictures ..
of my humble view

.. And of my bed spreading
I can practically 'see' all of the bed bugs

.. And of me

I need to stop working out
I look scary

Then I tried to take a rather unsuccessful
picture of us together
Ahh, my giant head!

And then Petter got a little
heavy on the drinking
And we had to hurry
and get going

Since I was cooped up inside at Desucon all day, this year I didn't get to see the gay pride parade.
But since I doubt the parade is any more festive this year, here's a few (unedited) photos I took last year:

Oslo City Hall

"Normality is overrated"


Asaki said...

Takk for bilder!
Jeg skal skrive en artikkel til etterpÄ!

Asaki said...

Takk takk:)