Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Yep, yep. Second and final day at the fifth Desucon anime- and manga-convention.

Poor Wictoria was really sick
and had lost her voice

Still smiling bravely

Then I ran into a character I actually know, Samara from The Ring:

Strugglig a bit with
getting the attention


Cat even won this on-the-spot drawing
contest by drawing on this figure

Then I hung out with my new found friend:

Siamese twins?

.. seemingly
conjoined at the..

Then I went home.



The end.


Dag said...

You're face is supposed to be motion blurred, if I remember correctly from the film "The Ring". Back to photoshop Kine ;-) Nice pictures, looked fun.

Anonymous said...

Yey, se Mamma, jeg er på internetten!1 :oo


Anonymous said...

Er Eivind, som har kommentert, The ring jenta?:P ^^

Anonymous said...

Bildene ble superfine da! Hva var det jeg sa? Bildene dine blir alltid unike og utrolig bra, selv om du syntes du ikke hadde utstyret på topp!