Friday, June 25, 2010

Thai Fiesta with a bunch of Vietnamese people

- a Thai cutiepie

Today I went to Amaia's house for the most the authentic Thai fiesta I've had since I left Thailand in 2008.


Thai style spring rolls
"Laap" - a type of Lao meat salad
made with raw minced pork
mixed with fish sauce, lime juice, chilli, mint etc.

The yummy Thai mummy cook and her daughter

Amaia helping out
As usual I provided
moral support

Som tam - spicy papaya salad


Looks like candy, ey?

It's actually spicy fermented pork sausage

So full!

Thai Pocky??
Nesten et samleobjekt for deg, Wictoria ;)

Amaia's Alicia Keys shrine

Then, I thought about kidnapping Athena..

But, I think her momma has thought her well, because



And I was like "Okay, OKAY! I give!!"


All nail-polished up

Athena & Philippe


Miina said...

Thaimat ser så sykt digg ut, men dessverre er det somregel alt for sterkt for meg :/ Så søt liten jente! Suger å være hvit, vi får ikke like søte barn XD

Silje Meum said...

Omg maten ser fantastisk ut.. Jeg tar imot rester i posten! x) Elsker thai-mat, ingen hindring :D