Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I went to my 15-year-old kid sister's junior high school graduation.

But the thought of my mom and dad together in the same room?

And having to look presentable..

And wash my hair..


You might wonder if I ever do anything besides taking pictures of myself.

And I don't.

Hey, I need something pretty to look at


Sometimes I wonder who I inherited them from.

I sure didn't get it from my momma.

But, wait a minute..

My classy dad

It might be considered as rude to broadcast my dad's butt crack like this, but I assure you, having it showing seemingly is an essential part of my dad.

You're welcome

Then mom showed up at our small parking lot fiesta and I skipped all the way over to her car.

Seemingly mom has been
all her clothes lately

She'd even brought food, yay

Mom told me that she'd seen on thai television that the reason for breast cancer is low blood circulation (..yeah), and she was eager to show the supposedly preventing excersises (pay attention, Keena!)

Meanwhile, ten meters away:

Then we shuffled inside

At one end of the room:

Waaay at the other end:


My smart sister graduated with awesome grades, yay!

Of course she's hot
She's my sister, ain't she

Then it was over, and my sister had to go home to her foster family

I love my dysfunctional family.


Anonymous said...

Uhuhuuuuu, nice pictures sweety^^

Silje Meum said...

You guys are sooo pretty half-Asians <3 *envy* luv ur dads crack lol! Prolly where the curves came from, ne x)

Heeeeidi said...

Så nydelig du og en søte dysfunksjonelle familien din er, Kine! <3