Monday, October 26, 2009

15 years ago on this very day.. October 26th

Warning: Graphic images

15 years ago, on this very day, some poor ol' giraffe was strugglin', giving birth to this creature who seemingly didn't even have the decency to find it's way out head first. As you can see, she was all ready, even wearing her sneakers. This actually made us doubt her nationality for a while, considering Norwegians are supposed to be born wearing their cross-country skis, not sneakers. Oh, well. I guess we both missed that memo.

The outcome wasn't too bad lookin', actually. Must take after our father. After all, nout particulary giraffy about her.

Veronika, 11 years old
(look, I had talent in taking photos even then, go me)

The Langårds

Nope, not the dad either.

I've always said that I got the brains and she got the looks. But who are we kidding. I've got it all and she must be getting her looks after moi.

Maybe not

A few pictures from when she visited me in Oslo last summer

My little sister is 15 years old. I don't even recognize her. She's so tall. And beautiful. And intelligent. It's scary.

And she's good at football (as in soccer). That's like, a sport, involving a ball. That will always continue to amaze me, especially because I'm completely talentless when it comes to sports that involve a ball.

I present to you, "Kine being forced to play volleyball"

It looks like I'm possessed by a demon, because I'm scared, okaaay

So, I might be procrastinatig a little bit. I think it's because I still hold a grudge towards my sister for drowning my beloved "tamagotchi" in the bathtub. Last year.

No, I came home from TaeKwon-Do practice one day, when I was ten, and there it was, lying at the bottom of the tub. Very traumatizing, I'm sure you can imagine. I didn't get much sympathy from our momma either. Because we had a "real pet".

Yah. Like feedin' this grumpy cat was any fun. He must have been fed, though. 'Cause he's still alive and kickin' (usually my face, because he doesn't want to wuddle).

Waa, procrastination aside

Happy birthday, Veronika! <3>

An "us portrait" I took, called "Don't drool on my shoulder"

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Benedicte said...

aww, koselig post!
du klarer alltid å finne de rette undertekstene til bildene dine! xD