Saturday, October 31, 2009

School Festival

This weekend Josai International University are hosting a festival.

Festivals are a big thing in Japan, and it seems like it's always a festival going on somewhere. Stalls are put up so that students can sell food and the clubs at school show their talents. There's also a bunch of other entertainment and performances.

What's that? I have to try!

Poor fishy

A bunch of people from my class had a stall selling Norwegian style waffles. Other countries' "cuisine" like Spain, China and Hawaii was also represented.

Norwegian style waffles with jam and Norwegian brown cheese


Satoo-sensee caught in the act of eating a waffle

Why is the guy in the upper right corner laughing? Creepy


I nearly choked on one of these. It's a good thing I didn't, because Cat said "no"
when I asked her later if she knew the heimlich maneuver

People from the hand sign club performing a song


Hoshifune said...

Wow, må si det står respekt av at du tørr å smake på de greiene der XD

Kine Merete said...

Og den fisken var ikke spesielt god, heller. Da jeg bet i den sprutet all innmaten ut.

Men jeg er villig til å prøve alt som er spiselig minst en gang! ;)