Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typhoon Trouble

Or maybe lack of it. All night the wind was howling and I had to get up at 3 a.m. to get the laundry that I had forgot out on the balcony. But really there was no action. Yet we all hoped that Thursday's classes would be cancelled.

To my horror, the sun was shining when my mezamashidokee woke me up. So I swore and got dressed, and then had my breakfast and started doing some last minute desperate reading for a quiz we were having first period.

Then Cat called and said that all classes was cancelled until third period at 13.40. Because then the typhoon would be over. A little wierd considering people coming from outta town still have to leave their homes earlier to get to school in time. Anyway, I was pretty grumpy, being all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Later, on our way to the train station, Wictoria got a call from one of our teachers who said all classes today are cancelled and that the trains had stopped running. In order to do something productive we went to Kasumi to buy some hairspray.

Look scared!

After parking our bikes it didn't take long before...

There's a typhoon and you guys still want ice cream??

Poor birdy croaked.

FCup? Fuck Up?

Haha, Benedicte bought these cookies for her friend in Norway. They were found in the pharmacy area at the supermarket, and they're supposed to give you bigger breast. Where was this product when I was 12?

I just googled the product and they're supposedly very popular in Thailand, even tough they still are illegal there, since they're not approved by the government. I seriously doubt these will give any effect - will Asian people buy anything? Though, these people even buy "Slim Soap", so I guess - yeah. Besides, can you picture a petite Japanese girl with a F cup? In Norwegian bra sizes that would be inzanely big.

I'm very amused and fascinated by advertisement, seeing how differently products from big and small brands are being advertised, two suit the needs and appeal to people in different countries.

Any product in Thailand will sell as long as it has "whitening" written on it. In the same time you won't be able to find any of the self-tanning products that Norwegians love so dearly.

In Japan, everything has to be so freakin' kawaii ("cute"), and the products from cosmetic companies that are big all over the world are made to look cute and pretty - which to a somewhat quality oriented Norwegian might make the products seem low quality and tacky.

Even big companies like Maybelline and Loreal seem to give their products stupid names that would appeal to a non-English speaking Japanese, but most likely be rediculed in a western country. Some of the packaging of popular cosmetic brands are sparkly and colourful, fronted by anime characters - to me it looks like the cheap play makeup I got my mother to buy me as a kid.

Oh, well - God knows I'm still getting affected by this kawaii-ness. I think we're even going to Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo this weekend. Tsk, tsk.

Benedicte's pink cotton balls. They have them in black too,
so men still can feel masculine when cleaning their ears

Marie-kjeks sjokolade!

Benedicte loves that I'm constantly taking pictures of everything

Blogging from my ofuro?


Hoshifune said...

Tyfonen er over! Jeg var så bekymra for dere alle! Bra det ble så udramatisk for alle jeg kjenner XD Og fett at dere fikk fri fra skolen, i fjor måtte vi ta med skift på skolen fordi det var helt umulig å holde seg tørr på beina på vei til skolen i tyfon-sesongen O__o Men typisk Josai at de RINGER en av eleven og ber henne si det til de andre XD

Søte ting er bra! Alt ser så kjedelig ut her i Norge. Hvorfor skjønner ikke nordmenn the importans of ting som rosa qtips?XD Og forresten, typen insisterte på at svarte q-tips er veldig handy, for da kan du se ørevoksen på pinnen...f^^;

Benedicte said...

Mange bra bilder ute å går her altså! men det var litt spennende med tyfon da, vis vi hadde sett den ordentlig. xD Men det var jo ikke noe bra med alle de velta lastebilen og han karen som ble truffet av et tre. stakkar! :(

Sorte q-tips: også for emokidsa!