Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trip to the place where dreams come true

Wictoria putting on makeup in the moving train at 6.42 in the morning

So yesterday we finally had the time to go to Tokyo Disneyland, which isn't actually located in Tokyo, but in the same prefecture as the one we're living in called in Chiba.

We had actually planned on skipping school on Monday this week, but karma made yet another typhoon hit that day, and it was raining cats and dogs. Fortunately we soon realised we'd get Friday off school, because of the school festival - and we we're able to go without any bad guilt from skipping school. And it was kind of a reward too, since we'd survived both an oral test and a big grammar test this week.

Guilt-free Kine

Kim letting Disney make him feel like a kid again

Common sense had made us pretty mentally perpared for a day filled with enormous amounts of people everywhere, considering that Japan is the freakin' land of kawaii (cutesiness), and Disneyland would be the ultimate place to go to.

Therefore we got up at 5.30 in the morning and arrived at Disneyland around 08 a.m. We were there one hour before the whole shebang started, still there were a few thousand people there, already sitting and waiting for the gates to open.

It truly amazed us when the gates finally opened, they all went running like they were running for their lives. Teenagers, grown-ups and families dragging their toddlers after them. All aiming for the fastpasses, I think.

In front of some of the most popular rides there's these fastpass machines where you put your ticket, then a fastpass ticket for that ride comes out, and it tells you to come back between a certain time (for example 10.55-11.00). Then you're able to go in a much shorter line when you come back at that time.

But if you're slow, and many people have gotten a fastpass ahead of you, your time might be not before very late, like we got a fastpass for another ride, which told us to come back at 9 p.m at night - then we would already be home.

We got to ride space mountain with a fastpass and only had to stand in line for about maybe 15 minutes. All of the rides at Disneyland had estimated time waiting in line at about 45-90 minutes. There's so many people.

Yet, being patient people, we got to ride all of the fun rides in the end, and after a while I kind of got used to all of the people and the long time waiting.

Space Mountain

Haunted Mansion

Caramel popcorn

We also had a lot of fun snacks, like caramel popcorn, smoked turkey legs and lemon-honey churros, yay!

I love seeing happy kids having a good time with their families

I've realised that Japanese people love dressing up in costumes. We saw so many guests in the park all dressed up - not just the little girls dressed up as their favourite princesses, oh, no. Entire families, big groups of friends and couples were dressed up in really expensive-looking costumes, wigs and makeup.

Just a random Japanese family visiting Disneyland

After spending 11 hours in Disneyland we called it a day, but I had a really nice time!

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Benedicte said...

Det er så kult at hele familier faktisk kommer utkledd her i japan. Genialt med den super familien. xD
Det så ut som dere hadde det kjempe gøy da, bra dere fikk tatt alt dere ville selv om det var kø! :D