Friday, October 23, 2009

Chiba, take two


Friday afternoon my speaking partner, Miku-san, and I decided to take the train to Chiba to do some serious window shopping.

We went to a LoFT store at a fancy department store. I don't like shopping, but it's fun to walk around at LoFT. They have everything weird and cool and (un)practical and "kawaii" - and everything in between. I really fell for this bun that looked, felt and smelt real. I thought about sending it to my sister, but I was afraid she might not get that it was fake and take a big at it and choke. I don't think my parents would be too appreciative. Also I was stoked to find out that they sell Urban Decay cosmetics in Japan, a brand I had to stock up on when I went to NY in March, and usually have to by online. It's a drag coming from No Man's land.


Okay, a few pictures.

Japan - the land of fake food that looks re-heally real

I bought me som Tabasco

Very tasty looking melon

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