Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tokyo Sugar Rush

Cat looking a bit "off"

Today we went to Tokyo.

Less talk, more pictures:

Who can bring a fake smile to the table? Kine can!
My face is not made for smiling. It makes me look stupid(er).

There's an ice cream vending machine at the train station.
Ice cream for breakfast, yay!

Cat knows how to multitask. Eating an ice cream,
composing an e-mail and checking kanjis at her PSP at the same time.
I certainly hang out with the right crowd.

To prevent "chikan"-ing (train groping) during rush hours.

Gaaah, oishisou!!

We went to Sanrino Puroland, also known as "Hello Kitty Land"

Less talk, more pictures:

I'm not sure what Kuniyoshi is doing. I think he's chikan-ing Hello Kitty

Proof I don't always take 'amazing' photos. Sometimes it's blurry as hell, my models won't cooperate,
and I'm even poking my fat finger into the lense.

They even had an awesome 3D ride with moving chairs. It was pretty cool, being able to feel the difference between "flying", "falling", "crashing", "slipping on ice", etc. during the short movie. Feelin' the increasing age, though - it didn't take long before I felt car sick.

Hey, I have the exact same pair! How cool am 'I'.

Then we went to Harajuku to this restaurant were we acted like true Chinese people, binging on the buffet. They didn't actually have that much food, but the cakes were awesome. It was pretty cheap too; 1480 Yen (around 90 NOK).

On the way home we were all high on sugar.

Yes, I've chopped off all of my hair and given myself the same cut
my momma gave me my entire childhood: the infamous "ear-to-ear cut".
(Mom, this is not Thailand - I won't get stricken by the teacher if the hair isn't reaching my ears at the longest). No wonder I got bullied.

Yes, still high

Wictoria never gives herself a break. Always clutching her god damn kanji flash cards, suddenly pulling out our textbook from school, permanently having her electronic dictionary at hand.
I wish I had her self dicipline.

Gum, anyone?


Silverfoxfang said...

Great shots and intresting bloggs here ^_^

Lots of funny photos too like the "car for woman only" sign lol. And the strawberry dress looks pretty "sweet" to mention a few ^^

gee said...

and dont you miss the groping?? :D
If you eat so much sugar, better take miso shiru in the morning to compensate, as too much sugar is bad for your concentration