Monday, October 12, 2009

National Sports Day

In Japan, unlike Norway, they seemingly don't have many, if any, religion caused national holidays - therefore they create their own, usually, conveniently, falling on a Monday.

Like "National Sports Day".

On "National Sports Day" you most certainly do not sleep until 14.50 p.m (!) when you have a big test the next day to study for. You resisting the bed's magnetizing powers that somehow only is functioning when someting really needs to be done.

*Update: I got a "double A" (what kind of grade is that - what kind of bahumbug school do I go to, anyway??) on the test, because I'm so smart - as in S M R T*

After all, I'm a いい学生, ii gakusee - "good student".

Then you most certainly not go to a friends house and consume alcohol. And you don't bring your camera to secure proof.

Hmm, Japanese lemonade, you say?

"Mineral water"

My birthday-meal?

Yours truly

Kuniyoshi, posing

Wictoria and her awesome socks

When we party, we eat ice cream. Ooh, rebellious.

Most certainly not a picture from the bike ride home

Still home by 11.

Gah, maybe I'm not so rebellious after all.

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