Monday, October 19, 2009

After school work-out

Wictoria - my partner in crime

What I really like the best is to sit on my ass and binge.

But, no way José, can't do that all the time. So after school today Wictoria and I went to the humble gym room at school for some much needed body maintenance. I'm glad I finally got around to locate the gym, considering I haven't been working out since I came to Japan.

The gym room at school isn't exactly like the big sports arena I'm used to going to back home. But at least it's free and it has everything you need to get a somewhat decent work-out, though the sport machines are old, squeaky and rusty - and some of them seem to be made for small Asian people. Anyway, time to continue the work on my manish appearance!

I went to the gym for the first time in my life back in April this year. I'd never even touched a set of free weights, let alone run on a treadmill. I'd been doing TaeKwon-Do for ten years and were used to the comfort of people making me work out, and had never pictured myself having enough self dicipline to work my own ass out without anyone yelling in my ear, telling me to do 50 push-ups.

Well, it turned out it was pretty liberating, being able run the show on my own terms, going to the gym whenever I felt like it, instead of always having to plan everything after the scheduled classes.

Enough talk, more of me ego-trippin'.

Oh, yah. This is how I sleep

Well, aren't 'I' the sporty one. Like my favourite Thai saying:
If there's no one praising you, you gotta praise yourself

Hmm.. what do we have here?

They can't possibly have updated this gym room since the 80's.
We had a lot of fun with it, though *snigger*

Wictoria's ear phones

Local porn shop

What is this humongous bright pink, yellow and blue ugly-bugly building that looks like a underwater boat or a spaceship, you say? Why, of course, it's the local porn shop. Two stories high, and stands out so much it's not even funny, not fitting in at all with it's neutral surroundings. Strange.


Dag said...

OMG... Love the 80s bum shaker! Didn't know they still existed.
Why is the lettering on the yellow building so big? What does it say?

And I'm so jealous on your flexibility.

Kine Merete said...

I have no idea. Probably P O R N :P

Hoshifune said...

Hihi, første gang jeg så den bygningen tenkte jeg at det så ut som et skikkelig artig sted XD Skal sies at vi har hatt mye gøy med den, men ikke helt som jeg hadde tenkt f(^-^;)