Thursday, October 29, 2009

The road home

When you buy a pack of gum in Japan, every piece is individually wrapped. In this way you can use the wrapping when you want to throw away your gum and there aren't any trash cans nearby - which there never is in this country.

Cat bought a small container with gum this morning - please notice the small compartment with a stack of square pieces of paper that comes along with it. Pretty neat!

Cat during our morning coffee-session in the cafeteria yesterday

Why, hi there, Emily the Strange

Yui-san and Miku-san

Today I had lunch with my two speaking partners. I've come to terms with the fact that Japanese people are tiny because they are good at eating small amounts of a variety of food. And they sure love their obento-lunchbox.

(This picture is not mine, I got it from

Most of the Japanese people at school bring their carefully packed itsy-bitsy lunchbox which normally contains tiny portions of various foods, often leftovers from the dinner the day before. It's like Japanese tapas! A lot of the students still live at home with their parents, and okaasan (the mommas) seem to be taking pride in carefully making lunchboxes for their loved ones.


Here are some pictures I took on the way home from school a few hours ago

Look! Some kind of citrus fruit

Yet another typhoon hit on Monday, so the paddy fields are pretty soaked

A lot of persimmon trees everywhere

The bridge where Benedicte fell over yesterday.
Too bad I wasn't there. I would have taken a picture


Benedicte said...

Jeg har så lyst til å lage en sånn søt liten bento en gang! ^o^
haha du kunne tatt et bilde av det blodige kneet mitt. :p

siriporn said...

You are good.