Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Afternoon -Supiikingu Paatonaa

A couple of tired hard-workin' students

another week survived at Josai International University, aka. Everything-I-didn't-like-about-high-school-all-over-again.

Besides, I'm starting to grow this recentment towards Super Mario-sensee, aka. ADD-sensee, aka. I-don't-really-give-a-crap-what-you-call-him-but-he-is-still-acting-like-a-duck-on-speed-sensee, just because he brings me physical pain - whenever I'm in his class I'll leave with a headace.

You see, I have this annoying habit of actually paying attention to my teacher. He'll usually hand out a bunch of tasks that requires somewhat focus, then start procrastinating, and I find myself spending a lot of effort trying to figure out how what he's yatting on about actually has something to do with what we're doing. Soon I realise that he's talking about the bla-bla game that's coming out bla-bla.

When he finally stops talking and we get the chance to focus on the hand-outs, he'll start beatboxing. For real.

He's over 50.

When I give him a look, telling him to shut up, he'll make this annoying little laugh and say "sumimaseeen" and then be quiet for a little while before he starts again.

After a while I'll get fed up and look like the bad mood that has built up. Then he'll say "I know this subject is boooring/difficult, sumimaseeen", trying to sound sympathetic.

Doh! No, your subject is actually pretty simple, I just wish you'd shut up already, and do your job. I can't believe I'm paying money for this.

Yes, sunbathing in Japan is totally normal in the middle of October

Bug of the day

My awesome speaking partner!

I spent the intire
Friday evening together with one of my speaking partners, Miku-san. We were planning on having dinner, but since none of us were hungry, we decided to go to my place and make some hotto keeki with chocolate.

I held her captive at my beloved apaato until 9 p.m. Then my voice was all raspy from talking so much (you'd think I was immune by now).

Miku-san is just awesome. She's well reflected and intelligent, and we can actually have a discussion. She cares about what is going on in the world, hooray! Finally I'm feeling that my Japanese is adequate, too, and that I'm able to get my point across.

She actually wants to become a high school English teacher - in other words, a much needed resource to the Japanese community. Hopefully I'll be able to help her out too, with my impeccable English skills - baha!


Anonymous said...

And I'm one of those hating him too! His lessons seems like a time of waste D:

Petter said...

Trist å høre om sånne lærere >.<

Hyggelig at du fikk en hyggelig snakkepartner da!