Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fieldtrip: Narita-san Temple & National Museum of Japanese History

The whole of Friday the rain poured down and I was stuck at school. The 20-minute bike ride home didn't seem any tempting since I was a bit worried about my backpack and shoes getting soaked. So I stayed behind a couple of hours and did some homework at the library while most of my classmates fought through the rain all the way home.

Finally the rain stopped and I went home too. But I still managed to fall over. I'm glad my mom weren't there, I could picture her scream in worry, making me embarassed enough to ignore the pain from the scratches and bruises. I'll probably fall over ten more times the next four months.

Oh, no! My trusty ol' bike basket!

On Saturday, yesterday, the school had arranged a fieldtrip for the exchange students. Off we went on the short 1 hour and 10 minute trip to Narita, which is also where the airport is located (we kept joking that they were sending us all back home).

The weather was promising despite the pouring rain the day before, but surely when we arrived at Narita-san Temple it was raining cats and dogs, which was a real pity.
Here are a few butt-ugly pictures taken in pouring rain, holding an umbrella in one hand, balancing a camera in the other.

It was really neat to get to go there, and we even witnessed some sort of mass. But it was a bit wierd to an unknowing foreigner, as they had lit a big fire inside and were chanting - then suddenly everyone were handing their handbags over to the monks so they could sort of put it near the fire before handing it back for some kind of blessing.
Back at the bus they took us to a dining hall nearby for some lunch. I didn't have any expectations, since at our last fieldtrip we were given some plain ol' boring Japanese curry, but this lunch was really great! They'd set out everything ready for us to dig in.

Small dishes (like Japanese tapas!), some sort of noodles, stock boiled rice with mushrooms, misosoup and lots of tea.

After lunch we went to the National Museum of Japanese History. Knowing very little about Japanese history (or history in general, it's just a bit Zzz..), I have yet a lot to learn. I think I also have to take a class in Japanese history when I get back to Oslo, if I'm planning on taking what I lack to complete a bachelor degree in East Asian studies after I've finished this current one.

Enthusiastic fieldtrippin' students!

Back home in Togane Lotte and I went to get some cheap and recognizable Italian food at Saizeriya. Yum!


gee said...

all that martial arts training, you can fall like a pro!!

Kine Merete said...

Of course! - That's why I got away with only a few bruises ;)